We had a great #mHealth chat last night in which we shared our favorite medical apps, smartphone and tablet accessories and peripherals, and even discussed ideas for apps that could be helpful in the future.

Thanks again to everyone who participated- we hope you enjoyed it!

The specific topics were as follows:

  • T1: What are your top 5 medical apps? What do you wish you had but does not exist?
  • T2: What smartphone/tablet accessories (keyboards, etc) do you own? Do you use other mobile devices (Kindle, Nook, etc) for work?
  • T3: Which apps do you most often use with your patients? What kinds of apps do you wish were available for patients?

You can read the full conversation in the archive here.

If you have any ideas for future topics of discussion, please email us or message us on Twitter!

Please note that next week, Wednesday May 30, there will not be a #mHealth chat because of Memorial Day.  The chats will resume on Wednesday, June 6, at 9pm EST/8pm CST.