DataDesignDiabetes Challenge finalists presented their products this week at the competition’s Demo Day hosted by Blueprint Health. You can vote for one of the following startups at the challenge website between now and May 23rd.

These videos are very well produced and are worth the time to watch if you are passionate about using technology to fight obesity and diabetes. Sanofi-Aventis deserves to be commended for putting on a very impressive competition once again this year. Here is the complete page on Vimeo.


EnduringFX (@EnduringFX) – Dynamic Database + Feedback System

“Integrates activity that affects blood glucose utilizing the single best measure of activity – the heart rate – to improve blood glucose control.”

EnduringFX from Data Design Diabetes on Vimeo.

LiveHealth – Web-based real-time video platform

Engages patients with health care providers to reduce ER visits, improve lifestyle changes, improve glucose levels, address weight management, and improve quality of life.

LiveHealth from Data Design Diabetes on Vimeo.


iRetainRx (@iRetainRx) – Interactive mobile system

Monitors and enables patients, caregivers, and pharmacists to collaborate and successfully implement treatment action plans.

iRetainRx from Data Design Diabetes on Vimeo.


GreenDot – Open mHealth Platform

Enables patients and health care providers to collect, aggregate, store, analyze, and display diabetes-related data wirelessly and in real-time to better control blood sugars.

Green Dot from Data Design Diabetes on Vimeo.

n4a Diabetes Care Center

n4a Diabetes Care Center – Predictive analysis system

Matches patients with certain cost patterns and risk profiles to appropriate support and services designed to slow the progression and expenditures of the disease.

n4a Diabetes Care Center from Data Design Diabetes on Vimeo.