By: Rohit Keswani, MD

Highlighting a CDC Report, which states that prescription drug abuse results in one death every 19 minutes, the American Medicine Chest Challenge  (AMCC) has launched an app to encourage safe disposal of prescription drugs and thus lower this risk by removing unused prescription drugs from the home.

RxDrop is a mobile application which allows users to find locations near them where they can safely dispose of these medications. It currently links to locations in 41 states.

The app also includes what it calls “5 Steps to Protect Your Family”, from the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

RxDrop is available on both iOS and Android devices and is sponsored by the Generic Pharmaceutical Association. The AMCC is a not-for-profit community based public health initiative, with over 1,000 community and law enforcement partnerships in all 50 states, designed to raise awareness about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.