By: Rohit Keswani, MD

REACH Health, a provider of telemedicine technology solutions to health care institutions, has announced its new telemedicine platform, REACH Access. The platform allows all medical specialties to be able to collaborate and provide virtual care.

The platform will allow:

  • Multiparty telepresence
  • A remotely controlled point of care camera
  • A clinical workflow process that supports traditional patient/physician encounters
  • Template based electronic clinical documentation

Several other features are included as well, such as a physician-access portal which  allows physicians to use the system from any internet connected computer.

The REACH platform was originally developed to provide immediate care for stroke patients, where time to treatment can be a crucial factor in determining outcomes.

“REACH has enabled thousands of stroke patients to receive the specialized care they need, removing critical time and distance barriers. REACH Access leverages our knowledge and experience in telemedicine to support a broad set of diagnostic and treatment protocols, bringing multispecialty physician care to all patients regardless of their medical needs or location.” says REACH Health CEO Richard Otto.

REACH Health Inc. is based in Alpharetta, Georgia. The company had recently secured $4 million in Series B funding.