In the wake of the digital revolution, more and more companies are choosing to ditch traditional paper copies and are leaning toward digital or online versions.

While clinical reprints are important for healthcare professionals to have, it is often been hard to mitigate the licensing and defined usage that goes along with them.

Because of this, Reprints Desk, a technology company, has recently released an app that is allows medical reprints to be displayed on mobile devices and tablets such as the iPhone and  iPad.

There is also a new web interface that allows access to reprints.

The new mobile-web application Article Viewer is powered by a content management console that enables authorized administrators to efficiently load and deploy article eprints and access on-demand usage statistics.

The app is found in the iTunes app store and is a useful tool for healthcare professionals and companies in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and scientific publishing fields. While a dedicated Android app is currently not available, it is in the works.

The Article Viewer app is purported to be useful for accessing and loading  articles that authorized users have licensed for anytime-anywhere access. These articles can be accessed from any mobile device with the app downloaded as well as through a web interface. The articles will remain available to users in accordance with their current agreements, preserving copyrighted material.

Peter Derycz, President and CEO at Reprints Desk explains how it works.

“Article Viewer solves the most painful eprint deployment challenges for Life Science companies and publishers, balancing the accessibility needs of users with controls for protecting copyrighted materials. Whether your company needs an app or has its own, Article Viewer make it easier to integrate licensed eprints into field sales, meetings, and multichannel marketing.”

Article Viewer also includes various tracking functionality, so administrators can keep abreast of article usage. This is possible because of unified online-offline reporting on a customer-by-customer basis. The data provided through tracking includes: number, date, and time of views, number of downloads and available downloads remaining.  The downloads by IP Address or device ID can also be tracked across both mobile and web platforms.

Reprint Desk also has an eCTD Article Service for the ultra-rapid retrieval and preparation of scientific literature, either single articles or batches, for use in Electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) submissions. It can also provide reprints of NRx for enterprise content procurement, inventory management, and reporting related to on-label and off-label article reprints and ePrints usage.

Source: ThomasNet