Please join us for the next #mHealth chat on Twitter today, Wednesday at 9pm EST/8pm CST using the hashtag #mHealth.

Tonight we will be sharing our favorite apps, mobile devices, accessories and peripherals, and discussing the ways that we use mobile technology with our patients and in our practices.

Come discover something new!


You will have the chance to make connections, meet new people, and learn more about one of the most exciting topics in modern healthcare.

What’s a Tweet Chat?

If you haven’t participated in a Tweet Chat before, it is a way to have a discussion with people in real time via Twitter.

A moderator, in this case one of the iMedicalApps staff, will lead the chat and pose topics or questions to the participants. Participants will then tweet in response to the topics using a designated hashtag in all their tweets during the chat. We will use the hashtag #mHealth. The rules of the Tweet Chat are flexible.

Though we have a set start time, you may come and go as you please. You may even “lurk”–though we’d love to hear your thoughts! You can expect the chat to last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.

Of course, you are encouraged to continue the conversation with others even after the chat is officially over.

How can I participate in the Tweet Chat?

1. If you don’t have a Twitter handle already, sign up here.

2. Follow @iMedicalApps.

3. Every Wednesday, at 9pm/8pm central, go to Log in with your Twitter handle and enter the hashtag #mHealth in the field marked “Enter hashtag to follow.” The stream of tweets from people talking about #mHealth will appear below.

4. Enjoy a stimulating conversation about mobile health in medical practice! See you tonight!