EnduringFX and n4a Diabetes Care Center have been selected as the finalists in the Data Design Diabetes Challenge. Both companies will receive an additional $10,000 to create a community-based proof-of-concept program with the ultimate winner to be announced July 16.

EnduringFX (@EnduringFX) is developing a sensor-driven system coupled with heart rate monitoring which promotes physical activity as a means to improve blood glucose control.

EnduringFX has a bold and complex vision for basically transforming your local park or forest preserve into mini-amusement parks focused on highly personalized physical fitness rather than rides and attractions.

“EnduringFX represents a potential to completely disrupt the typical approach to health, wellness, and chronic disease management like diabetes by mashing up advanced technology and data with social activity grounded in a person’s local community.”
Dennis Urbaniak, Sanofi US

“Recognition of environmental medicine as an important component of prevention and intervention is stellar.”
Ilene Klein, Qualcomm Life

n4a Diabetes Care Center‘s predictive analysis system matches patients with certain cost patterns and risk profiles appropriate support and services designed to slow the progression and expenditures of the disease.

“n4a Diabetes Care Center has the kernel of something that could be quite tremendous.” Jon Brilliant, WellDoc

“As a big data person, I loved the predictive data analyses of this solution.” Lesa Mitchell, Kauffman Foundation