CareWire (@carewire) automatically processes scheduling data and has shown in their pilots that SMS is the best way to increase patient attendance and compliance. Patients have demonstrated they will respond to CareWire texts, regardless of age. 100% of patients in early pilot found SMS reminders helpful and less painful than phone calls.

CareWire delivers a lot of different types of SMS, including compliance information, reminder of what to bring with them to the appointment, what not to do prior to surgery, links to additional information helpful to managing their condition, as well as follow-up patient satisfaction polling (0-10 scale after each appointment). The company also delivers patient satisfaction data to providers in real-time and can break data down by subgroups, such as type of appointment or sub-specialty.

The video below is CareWire’s presentation at the Healthbox Investor Day.

CareWire: Healthbox 2012 from Justin Jackola on Vimeo.