By Mohamed Elawad

American Well has released Online Care Suite 6.0 (Online Care 6.0), a comprehensive telehealth infrastructure.

It is able provides organizations such as health plans, delivery networks retail pharmacies with a telehealth platform capable of connecting consumers and healthcare providers at any time and place.

This latest version is consumer centric, allowing access via smartphone and tablet apps, as well as the ability to exchange viral data directly with electronic health records and key medical devices.

Roy Schoenberg, CEO of American Well Systems says that “with Online Care 6.0, we have taken telehealth to the next level by offering a new experience as simple and easy to use as the best eCommerce sites, while maintaining the heavy-duty required integrations into record and payment systems, devices and workflows necessary for serious and safe care delivery.

 ‘Telehealth is no longer a silo within the healthcare system; it is an established channel for making that system reach and connect consumers and providers, wherever they may be.”

According to the press release, among the advances found in Online Care 6.0 are:

  • Care with one click—A new Web experience allows consumers to instantly see and connect with the providers available to speak with them, sometimes even without having to enroll or log in – an experience reminiscent of leading sites in online retail, travel and banking.
  • The “house call” via mobile apps—New mobile capabilities let American Well customers connect consumers with available, appropriate providers from their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch mobile devices, increasing convenience and access to care. The mobile capability initially enables voice-based consultations and will expand to include two-way video later this summer. On the provider side, a free mobile app also offers features to manage online waiting rooms, and send and receive fee-based secure messages.
  • Embrace pre-existing patient-provider relationships—With Online Care 6.0, providers can conveniently consult with their existing patient clientele as an extension of their physical practice, as well as see new patients online.  Additionally, a “warm transfer” capability allows providers to transfer patients directly to an affiliated provider at the conclusion of their online visit, supporting coordination and continuity while reducing unnecessary referrals.
  • Real-time connectivity to medical devices—Consumers and healthcare providers are now able to plug key medical devices directly into their computers and transmit data and readings during live online visits. Devices include derma-cams/opthalmoscopes, stethoscopes, otoscopes and spirometers.

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