By Mohamed Elawad

PositiveID is partnering with Merge-MD to offer its FDA-cleared iglucose mobile health system for diabetes management to rural healthcare providers in the US who have a reach of approximately 62 million people.

The system is meant to improve diabetes management in a cost-effective manner by improving the way in which data collected, shared and used.

The iglucose system works by automatically and wirelessly communicating data from glucometers to the iglucose diabetes management portal. The need for logbooks and manual entry is eliminated and the user requires no mobile phone or wireless plan. The system creates a variety of trend reports, which along with blood glucose readings, can automatically be shared with family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals via texts message, fax or email with the permission of the user.

Scott Griffith, Chief Operating Officer of Merge-MD states that “most people with diabetes need to be seen every 90 days, which can be a challenge when many endocrinologists and diabetes educators are located in major cities, not small towns. With iglucose, information can be shared at any time with healthcare professionals who are hundreds of miles away.”

The iglucose system is able to collect and transmit data from a growing list of FDA-cleared blood glucose meters which currently incudes the Johnson & Johnson LifeScan, Abbott FreeStyle, Bayer Contour, and Nipro Diagnostic True monitoring systems to a secure database via wireless cellular technology.

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