A new initiative currently being trialed aims to enhance and improve communication between healthcare professionals. Medigram is an app of sorts whose aim is to provide HIPAA compliant secure text messaging between healthcare professionals.

Currently, the primary method of contacting a physician is via a pager which is generally only one way communication.

Furthermore, there are often issues such as trying to find a phone which means that the current system is relatively inefficient.

Having recognized this, the team at Medigram have designed a mobile app which they hope will revolutionize communication.

The free app brings HIPAA compliant group text messaging between doctors who are signed up to the service. Medigram is currently in closed beta with physicians at Stanford HospitalLucille Packard Children’s Hospital and the Palo Alto VA Hospital.

The system is designed to be accessible from a range of devices including iPhones, laptops and Android. The central feature of Medigram is the HIPPA compliance which means that patient data can be safely discussed over text. This is similar to the fact that FaceTime is also HIPAA compliant.


Medigram note their vision whereby no patient is harmed by a missed phone call or a lost page. They aim to make medical information quickly and easily transmissible from one health care provider to another whilst enabling patient data to be available anytime, anywhere. Furthermore Medigram want to provide the platform that allows health care teams to stay connected and thus improve patient care.

Medigram’s security policy notes:

Medigram strives to provide the highest level of information privacy and security. Our technology and policies are fully compliant with the HIPAA security and privacy rules as well as Subtitle D of the ARRA HITECH Act. We follow all industry best practices for security and privacy including using SSL connections between our mobile application and our servers to provide industry leading security. In addition we use NIST approved 256-bit AES encryption to secure all chat data. This ensures that your PHI and PII remains secure and private.