iMedicalApps have covered Inkling extensively in a range of articles focusing on the various advantages of interactive textbooks and ways in which these can help students achieve better grades. Inkling recently held a medical education webcast where they extensively previewed Inkling for iPad and the new Inkling for Web.

Inkling for Web hold a number of possibilities and is likely to significantly increase the number of students accessing Inkling texts as fully  interactive eTextbook can be accessed from any device eg computer, Android or iPhone.

The webcast starts off with an introduction to Inkling from a medical perspective with a focus on medical students and medical schools. There is an excellent demonstration of Inkling for iPad which we have covered extensively before but this is still useful for anyone who is unaware of what Inkling can offer.

The impressive new addition to Inkling’s services is Inkling for Web. There is an excellent demonstration of this  by CEO Matt MacInnis which starts 14 minutes in. Inkling for Web allows users to access titles online yet still benefit from the range of interactive features first seen in the iPad app. The structure of each title is still the same however the interface has been tweaked to reflect the different user interface of keyboard and mouse.

Medical educators and those looking for alternative ways to engage students should have a look at this new service to see if it meets their needs. There is a quick Q&A session at the end of the webcast which covers some of the interesting points raised regarding updates, library contracts and access from Android devices. At 25 minutes long, this webcast is a useful short introduction to what Inkling can offer medical students, schools and libraries and medical educators should hopefully find this interesting.


Inkling Medical Education Webinar