Working particularly long hours these past few weeks? That overnight call pager going off nonstop whenever you have it? For people that work in healthcare, it can be hard to keep up with things outside of work.

We feel your pain. So every couple weeks, we pick out some of our favorite articles for the valued readers out there who just haven’t had time to check in.

In this installment, we look at whether smartphones are distracting for clinicians, review the Lancet iPad journal app, and review two personal fitness trackers: the Nike Fuelband and Fitbit Ultra.

We also take a look at some medical libraries that let clinicians check out iPads, review an interesting new preventative health app for patients, and take a look at the future of medicine through TEDMED 2012.

Are Smartphones Distracting Doctors?

The name of the title says it all.

In this insightful piece, we wrestle with the question – does this integration of new mobile devices distract physicians or enhance the care they provide to patients?

A multifaceted problem that doesn’t have a clear issue yet. Check out the full article here.


Prestigious medical journal The Lancet arrives on iPad

The medical community has already seen a number of prestigious journals such as the NEJM and BMJ launch electronic versions for the iPad. The latest member of that club is The Lancet.

This robust app has a number of features that set it apart from the pack.

See our full review here and decide for yourself if this is something to add to your collection.


Nike FuelBand Review: An Exciting Entry into the Gamification of Health

Fitness is something that is on many people’s minds. How do I track my calories?  Are there any tools to help me get in shape?  Those questions are addressed with our popular review on the new Nike FuelBand device.

To see how this gamification of mobile health is taking off, and if this is something you would consider to keep track of your fitness goals, click here.



Fitbit Ultra Review: A Thorough, Well-Rounded Yet Unassuming Activity Tracker

Another popular device to help measure and track your fitness goals, we give a thorough review over the Fitbit Ultra.

In fact, we felt that the FitBit Ultra felt like the most polished and full-featured. It immediately differentiates itself by taking a completely different design approach.

Check out our full review to see the differences between the two devices.


If you don’t have an iPad, go to the medical library and borrow one

Many academic medical libraries have gotten into the business of loaning iPads to physicians, just the same as they would loan a book.

The libraries at the Nova Southeastern University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and University of Central Florida are just three examples.  See our full coverage for more information on this exciting endeavor.


My Health Checklist 2012 app contains evidence based preventative health advice for patients

How low should my cholesterol be? Should my father be screened for prostate cancer? Does my daughter need the HPV vaccine? Should my wife be screened for ovarian cancer?

These and many other questions are posed by adults who are concerned about preventive health and health maintenance for themselves and their loved ones. Want to see how the app stacked up?  View the full article here.



The future of medicine is … here: TEDMED 2012

In a short time span, the TEDMED conference has grown in size and prominence to become an annual highlight for healthcare entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

Curious as to what happened at this years TEDMED?  Click here to find out.