I was lucky enough to be invited to join the distinguished (standing room only) crowd of health care disruptors and investors at Blueprint Health’s (@bphealth) Demo Day at the accelerator’s headquarters in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City on March 29th.

From the very first presenter, the energy level was high and the message meticulously refined.

It was abundantly apparent the team behind Blueprint, specifically co-founders Brad Weinberg and Matthew Farkash, dutifully prepared all nine presenters for their seven minutes in front of the biggest gathering of digital health venture capitals and deal makers probably ever held in the Big Apple.

It is difficult to come away from an event like this without a deep burning desire to make something meaningful and use it to uproot the established order of anything/everything.

This was Blueprint’s inaugural class of startups and first demo day, though if you didn’t know any better you might think they have been putting on events like this for years. The Tech Stars affiliate isn’t hesitating before jumping into their next class either, with applications for the summer session already open on their website.

The Blueprint team has big plans for the future which include going beyond simply hosting the resident members of each accelerator class – they want to open their 12,000 square foot loft to all digital health startups to rent space and work in their uniquely vibrant environment.

Dedicated memberships are available to leading NYC digital health startups and can be purchased for $400/month. It includes 24/7 access to the Blueprint loft, a dedicated seat at the communal desks, access to storage space, special discounted access to Blueprint classes, and the ability to reserve phone booths and conference rooms for same-day meetings. Community memberships target serial and first-time entrepreneurs, top-tier investors, developers and designers and cost $250/month. It includes 24/7 access to the loft and all amenities, as well as discounted access to Blueprint classes.

I think this is a tremendous idea as it opens up so many potential business development opportunities for the both the new and more seasoned startups alike. So often startups find it difficult to make deals or enter into partnerships with companies that compliment their offering and could help grow their business simply because it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to broach relationships with other entrepreneurs. There is nothing more valuable to an early stage entrepreneur than a warm introduction to their first client or angel investor.

My extended coverage of the event will come in the form of numerous posts to follow, including interviews with the founders who made the presentations, but below are snapshots of each company, their offering and the founders. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

5 O’Clock Records (@5OClockRecords)

Matthew Cottrell founded 5 O’Clock Records as a portal enabling physicians to charge for patient records requests. Potential to generate $500-1500/month in new revenue for physician practices. Customized pricing based on specifically which information is requested, as well as a comprehensive database of what different groups, such as payers, will pay for these records. Takes 20 minutes to install, and costs nothing up front to the physician. 5 O’ClockRecords takes $15/request. Hopes to scale to 10,000 physicians by the end of 2012. Estimated cost of acquiring each physician customer is $100. Company is raising $500K seed round, $300K already committed.

Symcat (@symcatdotcom)

Founded by Craig Monsenand David Do, Symcat is “guiding patients from symptoms to conclusions.” Founded by a group of Johns Hopkins medical students, Symcat uses CDC data to provide a web service for searching symptoms to find the best providers in your area for your condition. The end result is keeping people from using the ED for primary care. Symcat was a finalist in the Aligning Forces for Quality Challenge hosted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Raising $400K seed round, $100K already committed.