The “Big Medical Quiz” is a signature feature of the app, allowing users to compete with one another online by posting their scores on Facebook.

As described here, the Ward Round App represents just another example of this rising tide of the gamification of healthcare – until recently a relatively underappreciated and underdeveloped phenomenon – especially in the realm of mobile technology.


The Ward Round App costs $2.99 at the iTunes store.


  • Impressively smooth and well-designed user interface
  • Competitive nature of the “Big Medical Quiz”
  • Hundreds of interactive case scenarios which appear medically accurate


  • Although the question bank is authored (appropriately) by a medical graduate, the developer website notes that the cases were “verified by senior consultants in the relevant fields” without mentioning names; future updates could enhance the “medical reputation” of the app by listing these contributors in the “Credits” section
  • The pricing of the app could prove to be an obstacle to some users, especially if cheaper medical game apps continue to hit the app store [Ed Note: This review was originally done when the price of the app was $6.99. The price was reduced to $2.99.]


  • The Ward Round App is an exciting (and addictive!) program most appropriate for medical students or residents, drilling them with hundreds of quick and interactive medical cases across a variety of specialties.
  • Its rapid-fire nature is amenable to being played during the short periods of downtime that many trainees experience during their daily routine.

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