by: Tim Bredrup

Stratos Product Development LLC recently announced it is working with Proteus Biomedical to develop advanced mobile health technology to provide personalized therapy to users.

Combining sensor-enabled medications, a sensor patch worn on the body, an advanced mobile health app and an information service, Proteus’ technology allows patients to remain independent in their own homes and enables their loved ones to help take care of them.

Stratos worked with Proteus on end-to-end firmware development for multiple generations of the product line. In addition to embedded systems development, Stratos worked with Proteus in early generations of the product on industrial design, human factors support, miniaturization and wearable adhesives.

These initial effort led to a more advanced iteration of the product that involved Android development and integration, Bluetooth communications and an innovative software architecture that partitions the ISO 13485-compliant design-controlled software from the user-facing application. This created a cost-effective iteration of the application and user interface without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Stratos will showcase its work with Proteus Biomedical at the Design West Conference and Expo at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, March 27-29, 2012 in booth #2314.

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