3D4Medical have traditionally split their NOVA anatomy apps by system e.g. Muscle System Pro III or Skeletal System Pro III.

However, they have recently released a range of specialist apps which focus on a regional anatomical basis. These apps which cover the shoulder, hip, hand, foot and knee contain all the anatomical structures located in that particular area.

This is incredibly useful as it allows you to see the complex interplay between musculoskeletal, vascular and nervous systems.

Knee Pro III contains a detailed anatomical overview of the knee region and areas slightly superior and inferior. The attention to detail is excellent and there is a huge number of pins marking anatomical structures which provide a comprehensive overview of the knee joint.



Standard NOVA multi-touch gestures allow the user to rotate,cut, slice and manipulate the knee joint. There is a good range of additional slices which allow you to follow various structures through the knee joint. Each anatomical pin contains a concise overview of the structure such as name, innervation, muscle attachments and more. There are also additional media videos and images which highlight the function and individual muscle at that particular location.



The social note sharing allows users to share notes on a specific pin whilst the screenshot function allows users to export images using a range of services. A useful addition is the pen function which allows users to annotate screenshots before exporting them.



One of the strong features of Knee Pro III and the NOVA series is the ability to view multiple layers and merge them together to form a new view. Knee Pro has a lot of potential for medical students, medical educators and physicians alike due to its comprehensive anatomical overview. Orthopaedic surgeons may like to use Knee Pro III to inform their patients about their operation.






  • Large number of anatomical pins in a range of layers
  • Impressive photo realistic 3D anatomical model

Dislikes/Future updates I’d like to see:

  • Would like to be able to have more transverse slices
  • Better control over whether arteries or veins are displayed

Overall Rating

  • Knee Pro III is an excellent app for those interested in the anatomy of the knee
  • The incredible visuals and excellent user interface mean Knee Pro III is highly recommended
  • It cannot help but improve the users anatomical knowledge of this complex anatomical region.

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