Kinesiology, for the many among us that may not know, is the study of movement. Its particularly useful for sports medicine, athletic training, and orthopedics. As expected, anatomy knowledge is a fundamental basis of any of these fields.

In classic fashion, reviewing anatomy is often associated with flashcards, as this popular method can improve retention and has so many options out on the market.

With Kinesiology Flashcards, Davismobile brings a series of actual flashcards by Lynn Lippert and Mary Alice Duesterhaus directly to mobile form. The app is available for the iOS platform. Here we review the app using the iPad. Continue below to see why we can’t give this app a full two-thumbs up review.

The home screen opens directly on the flashcards. It is notable that the app is organized by body region to help organize studying and retention.

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The flashcards initially show the name of the muscle and its anatomical location in a visually helpful graphic image, and asks the user to identify the origin, insertion, action, and innervation of the muscle. The user can then assess whether they knew the answers or not. There is also the ability to bookmark the card for future review.

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In an attempt to add further utility, the developers added audio pronunciations of the muscles, and the ability to add voice notes and comments to specific cards. The comments might help during studying and reviewing.

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In total the app contains 105 cards in categories such as: shoulder, elbow and forearm, wrist, thumb and fingers, TMJ, neck and trunk, respiration, hip, knee, and ankle and foot. There is also the ability to search for a specific muscle.

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However, when thinking about a kinesiology app, I expected an interactive app where the user could scroll through and manipulate the movement for a specific muscle (similar to the idea behind OrcaMD’s products, such as Knee Decide and Shoulder Decide).

This app is simply a basic Anatomy flashcards app.

The few reviews that are available for this product, range from gushing satisfaction to unsettled unhappiness with the product. Additions to this product could be vast, ranging from adding key points and quizzes, to videos – all of which would add significant worth to a currently simple anatomy flashcards app.


  • $14.99 from the AppStore


  • Basic flashcard app
  • Great images


  • Limited scope
  • No quizzes
  • Not actually a kinesiology app


  • A simple Anatomy flashcards app that is priced competitively compared to its print counterpart
  • This app remains a decent option for students

Find it on iTunes here