Regular readers of iMedicalApps will be aware of 3D4Medical and their excellent NOVA series of anatomy apps. For those that are less familiar, their NOVA anatomy app series comprises a range of specialty apps which are not systems based but complex anatomical locations.

These apps are among the best 3D anatomy apps available for the iPad. The initial release consists of Shoulder Pro III, Knee Pro III and the focus of this review, Hip Pro III.

Hip Pro III is primarily focused on the anatomy of the hip region and includes the superior portion of the upper leg. The anatomical detail is excellent and the 3D models really do look impressive with the inclusion of small details like subcutaneous fat adding to the overall positive impression.

The 3D model can be manipulated using multitouch gestures including the ability to cut through the model and remove various anatomical layers.



One feature I liked was the ability to make transverse slices at a range of levels through the hip which helped develop an understanding of how the complex anatomical features all fit together. Like all NOVA apps, there is an option to merge and view different layers.



There is a vast amount of anatomical pins in this app which all contain important relevant information such as name, muscle attachments, innervations, function amongst others. The addition of media videos and additional images highlight muscles and their respective movements. 3D4Medical have recently introduced a social note sharing scheme whereby users can create and share notes related to each anatomical pin.





Like the other NOVA apps, the upgrade to version III has brought about a number of significant user interface improvements. There is a robust quiz function which offers a standard multiple choice or a drag and drop style. The pen function allows the user to annotate the view which can then be exported and shared using a range of options such as Facebook, email or Twitter.



One feature I would love to see integrated into this specialist series of NOVA apps would be the ability to move the joint and see the various ligaments moving and contracting. This is considerably far from integration but I feel it would be a really valuable addition to an already impressive app.


  • $9.99


  • Photo-realistic 3D anatomical model
  • Ability to make transverse slices at a range of levels.

Future updates I’d like to see:

  • Would be nice to be able to separate the arterial and venous systems
  • Would be really nice to see the joint moving

Overall Rating:

  • Hip Pro III is an impressive app with excellent attention to detail
  • This app would appeal to many due to its ability to improve patient education, physician education and overall anatomical reference.

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