by Tim Bredrup

Healthper Inc., a Princeton, NJ based healthy social gaming and wellness achievement platform, recently released their mobile application into the Google Android Market (Google Play). Healthper’s mobile app incorporates a broad set of health factors, social networking, healthy gaming and tiered rewards through simple card play. The mobile app is an add-on to the already successful website that designs wellness programs for B2B clients and consumers alike.

Healthper is driving the user experience by building an ecosystem that promotes change through positivity, community exchanges and visible progress. The organization has developed various dimensions across their system that are driven by frequency and level of play.

Members that are actively involved in their well-being are rewarded for their dedication by unlocking higher point values and bigger rewards, while members that are less engaged in the process are gently reminded through personalized communication to continue their journey for greater physical fitness.

In the coming weeks, Healthper will release their total wellness application into Microsoft Mobile and iTunes App Store.

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