by: Matthew DiPaola M.D.

Many apps are small versions of their respective web site. Others carry out one distinct function that works well in the portable world. Still others augment the main web site’s functionality.

AAOS NOW and OrthoSupersite, known as reliable sources of orthopedic print and web information, have ventured out with their own respective apps.

Do their mobile apps provide any surprises?

AAOS NOW mirrors the print publication that most orthopedic surgeons receive monthly in the mail. It is broken down into 4 menu headings:  news, podcasts, videos, and “contact.”

The app is a quick and easy way to access up to date news put out by the thought leaders of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) and the current national/ political news that may affect the field. It is easy to use and understand, unencumbered by ads and is streamlined. It’s nice to be able to access some of the podcasts and videos related to stories you may have read in the newsletter.

It does not seem that all of the stories from the paper version are included in the app, although I am unable to say this with absolute certainty.

aaos now image 1_alt

AAOS Now has a classy appearance that is very much in keeping with the print edition. No new gadgets or tricks. The app simply gives you an abbreviated mobile version of the AAOS Now publication, with added access to podcasts and video. Podcast worked well in any location. Videos were restricted to areas with WiFi access only. Overall, the app delivers without any surprises.

SS 1_alt

The Ortho Supersite App delivers news in 3 basic formats: “Breaking News,” “Multimedia,” and “Blogs.” The app is appropriately broken down into those categories with menu items at the top as opposed to the bottom of the page like AAOS Now. Whereas AAOS Now content seems focused on themes that are impacting orthopedic practice, Supersite “Breaking News” gives encapsulations of the latest orthopedic conference presentations and literature.

SS 2_alt

The Multimedia section is populated with videos. They appear to be from a select group of author presentations. The library of content is, at the moment, relatively sparse: 3 videos that I could see. But I imagine that since the app is new, this will grow with time.

SS 3_alt

The Blog section contains 3 blogs from columnists in the Orthopedics Today Newsletter. These are often continuations of the paper–based column. Again no surprises.


  • Both apps have simple layouts
  • They work well and I could find no bugs
  • Free
  • Easier to carry than paper

Could use improvement:

  • Lengthy registration process

Bottom line:

  • Reliable orthopedic news at your fingertips
  • No surprises


OrthoSuperSite iTunes Link

AAOS Now iTunes Link