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While we are proud to be able to provide you quality app reviews and the latest mHealth news, we realize that you may not always have time to read everything we post in a given month.

Because of this, the iMedicalApps team will begin to provide you bi-monthly summaries of our favorite posts (difficult to choose) as well as the posts we feel were best received by you, our readers.

First interactive medical iPad iBook arrives in Apple’s bookstore, free to download

This is by far the most popular post. In it we discuss the release of the first interactive medical textbook, created by Dr. Ed Wallitt, Founder of

We even spoke with Dr. Wallitt, to pick his brain on the benefits of the new iBook format. Check out our full review to find out more.


DrawMD is a great tool to help surgeons visually explain procedures

When it comes to explaining a procedure to a patient, surgeons try to communicate what they have taken them years to appreciate in a matter of minutes.

Because of this, DrawMd was created.

This app was developed to offer a visual medium for surgeons to base their explanations of disease and surgery on.

Read here to find out if it succeeds.




Physician adoption of mobile devices outpacing software development

This interesting news piece examines a recent SpyGlass Consulting survey which indicates that physicians believe that mobile devices currently fill a limited number of uses and fall short of their potential.

We discuss what this means for healthcare and dissect the results of the study.

Curious about what the study said?  Form your opinion here.


Endosync brings cloud-based wireless endoscopy to the iPad: iMedicalApps exclusive hands on review

This was such a popular app, we had to mention it again.

In this exclusive review from iMedicalApps, we look at the  Endoscync wireless video transmitter and companion iPad app.

This amazing device and software program allows any endoscope to send its video data wirelessly to a nearby iPad, which thus replaces the traditional video monitor as well as functions as a simple report generator.

This was an exclusive article that the iMedicalApps team was able to bring to you first. We were even featured on as a result:

Check out the full review here.


iPad Stylus Pen Review: An Updated Comparison of the best stylus for the iPad

This final post is an update of our popular iPad stylus comparison piece.

In this refresh, we examine 4 new styluses: the Boxwave Styra, the Just Mobile AluPen, the Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad and the Adonit Jot.

We give you the pros and cons of each and run them through a number of tests.

Want to know which stylus is the best? Find the results here.