by Tim Bredrup

Proteus Biomedical Inc., a pioneer in digital health, recently announced that the United States Patent Office will award US Patent Number 8114021 to Proteus. The patent, entitled “Body Associated Receiver and Method,” is directed to the Proteus wearable and ingestible sensor technologies and related sensor devices used to create digital communication networks within, on and around the human body for health-related and other applications. This patent is the 41st issued patent granted to Proteus. The company has over five hundred pending or issued patents on digital health technologies & their uses in the US and other countries.

Proteus develops digital health products that collect and aggregate various behavioral, physiologic and therapeutic metrics—such as medication adherence, heart rate, sleep patterns, physical activity and stress levels—into meaningful and appropriate personal management tools delivered to the mobile devices of consumers. Proteus recently announced the commercial launch of two product systems in 2012 based on its product platform—a remote body monitoring system called Metria™ by its partner Avery Dennison, and a digital health product for family care givers called Helius™ with its partner Lloydspharmacy. Both product systems represent leading examples of an emerging industry of digital health products in which sensor-enabled devices associated with the body continuously monitor and deliver personalized information to individuals.

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