by: Tim Bredrup

Raising children and keeping them healthy is every  parent’s primary concern and the focus of a large number of technology companies.  WeSprout, a graduate of the health-tech start-up incubator RockHealth,  is looking for an opportunity to deliver in ways other parenting websites may be falling short.

Founded by Dr. Carol Peebles, a neuroscientist and pediatrician  at UCSF, with her fiance M. Jackson Wilkinson, formerly the head of UX at Posterous, WeSprout aims to bridge the gap between health records and community, giving parents the tools they need to make better choices for their children.

WeSprout_altAs TechCrunch writer Rip Empson puts it,

“WeSprout wants to make it easy for parents to track their children’s health by way of easy recording of health information, be it medical issues, immunization records, developmental milestones, height, weight, and so on.” Another critical aspect of the service is to provide “a community that becomes a multi-purpose tool by leveraging those records.”

“It’s not about experts,” co-founder Wilkinson says,

“it’s about facilitating parent-to-parent communication, providing advice from the people who are going through the same thing as you. Thus, for WeSprout, it’s about bridging the gap not only between community and health records, but between people and data.”

WeSprout is available to use for free, and a premium version will also be launched in the weeks to come that will offer additional services beyond record tracking and community support. These include sharing records with loved ones and doctors, creating groups, and also providing some scrapbooking options to boot.

Hat tip Tech Crunch