The iPads large screen and interactive interface make it an ideal platform for medical imaging.

NeuroRad by RadLynx LLC is a clinical neuroradiology reference designed for a range of healthcare professionals involved in neurological imaging of the brain.

Written and designed by an American Board of Radiology certified Neuroradiologist, NeuroRad aims to improve understanding of neurological imaging and associated pathologies.

We have previously reviewed the NeuroRad Mini for the iPhone, and this is the iPad counterpart.

The main feature of this app is the interactive imaging atlases. This is split into a number of sections; Cross Sectional MRI Anatomy, Vascular territories, MR Angiography (both arterial and venous) and CT Angiography.


All three views (Saggital, Coronal and Axial) are accessible complete with labels. Navigation through the different parts is innovative and involves pinch-to-zoom multitouch gestures which scroll through the different anatomical slices. The images are high resolution and clearly labelled. Unfortunately, there was no way to turn off the labels in this section in order to test oneself.




The Vascular territory atlas covers both arterial and venous supply and is an excellent resource navigated in a similar fashion to the cross sectional atlas. A clear key illustrates the different areas of the brain supplied by each artery-key for any neurosurgeon. Labels are also included here to develop recognition of key structures


The MR Angiography section covers both the arterial and venous system. Each view has a multitude of labels which consolidates anatomical knowledge. There are also a range of views including ‘Tumble’ and ‘Spin’ which aim to improve 3-dimensional understanding.


The CT angiography also covers the three main views (Saggital, Axial and Coronal) and both arterial and venous systems. It is useful that these images are highlighted so that the path of the vessels can be visualised.



The other major section of NeuroRad for iPad is a detailed weblink and reference section. There are a decent range of weblinks covering a range of aspects related to neuroradiology from MRI images to clinical sites including journals and professional associations. This collection of weblinks (which open in Safari) is a good resource for residents and interns looking for further information.


The reference section contains some excellent information related to pathologies which may be seen on a scan. These are presented as a list of differential diagnoses which are extensive. There is very little pathophysiology explanation although references are provided for the interested resident who is looking for further reading.





  • $9.99 (although currently on sale as new content is added and updated)


  • Detailed, labelled radiology atlas covering the three main views
  • Excellent visualization of the vessels in the brain using both MR and CT Angiography
  • Detailed differential diagnoses for a range of abnormalities seen on radiograms
  • Collection of weblinks


  • No ability to share information/screenshots via email/social media
  • No ability to turn the labels on/off in order to test oneself

Overall Rating:

  • NeuroRad for iPad is a fantastic application for radiologist residents with an excellent neuroradiology atlas
  • Has a range of uses for healthcare professionals ranging from student to resident
  • An all-round excellent application for those interested in neurological imaging

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