The Muscle System Pro II app by 3D4Medical was one of the outstanding NOVA apps when we reviewed our Top Anatomy apps for iPad.

We have previously reviewed Muscle System Pro II and thought it was an impressive app for those purely focused on the muscular system.

Since then, the NOVA series has undergone a significant update to version III and the new Muscle System Pro III app is even more impressive. We have reviewed a number of these latest updates to Skeleton System Pro III and Heart Pro III.

Furthermore we recently interviewed the CEO of 3D4Medical who explained the future of the NOVA series.

The first thing to note about Muscle System Pro III is the inclusion of a number of features which we felt were important to include in the next update.

There is now a detailed muscle attachment atlas which allows the user to easily view the relationship between the muscle and skeletal system.



Another significant improvement is the inclusion of numerous media videos which demonstrate each muscle’s range of movement. These help visualize the interactions between various muscles and the core skeleton. There are also additional images highlighting each specific muscle as well as an added sound feature which correctly pronounces each label.




The core 3D model has also not been left out, having received a fresh update to bring more photorealism to the model. There are more options to view different layers although it should be noted that there is still a significant loading delay when merging multiple layers. It will be interesting to see if the expected iPad 3 will be able to shorten this time with updated hardware. Thankfully, there are now more options to view the 3D model including transverse slices.



Another new addition is a revamped quiz mode. Users now have the option of a drag and drop interface in addition to the more traditional quiz format seen in Muscle System Pro II. The addition of a pen function allows users to highlight each screen which, when coupled with the powerful export feature, allows users to share basic anatomical notes quickly and easily.




  • Muscles System Pro III is a free upgrade to users of Muscle System Pro II. Standalone cost is $19.99


  • Animated media showing range of movements
  • Muscle attachment atlas highlighting links between muscle and skeletal system
  • Extra individual muscle images
  • Updated quiz function


  • Loading time when merging layers
  • Quite easy to accidentally exit the merged layers view meaning the user has to wait to load the new views again.

Overall Rating:

  • The NOVA series by 3D4Medical are rapidly becoming the de facto choice for anatomy visualization on the iPad. Muscle System Pro III is no exception and is a significant update which brings a host of useful features
  • This app is ideal for visual learners and anyone wishing to get a detailed glimpse into the musculoskeletal system.

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