Unfortunately, the iPad and iPad 2 still only support capacitive styluses which means that none of them can be fine-tipped. Until the Adonit Jot Pro arrived, they were all variations of the same rubber-tipped theme: The AluPen was thick and shiny, the Boxwave Styra added a pen, and the Wacom Bamboo Stylus for iPad offered a 25% thinner tip.

That was until the Adonit Jot came along, and blew away its competition with an innovative precision disk that allows a ballpoint-pen tip to interact with the iPad’s screen. The feel of writing with the Adonit Jot Pro is most similar to that of a pen, and its innovative tip allows for the most precise writing of all.

Unfortunately, the iPad screen is limited and still won’t detect the smallest of strokes. As long as you don’t mind ditching a screen protector (the Jot is incompatible with many of them) — the Adonit Jot and Jot Pro are competitively priced and deliver superior performance to their competition.