Just Mobile AluPen ($24.95)


The AluPen tweaks the standard rubber tip by adding a bold, thick aluminum hexagonal design. It is over twice as thick as the Boxwave Styra, and resembles a Sharpie pen in that way. While this might initially seem curious, it actually works quite well since the tip already mimics a thick marker rather than a pen.

The AluPen also performs better than its rubber-tipped peers. My suspicion is that this is because of its thickness and weight, which leads to more deliberate strokes and enough pressure to register on the capacitive touch screen. The feel of the tip is smoother than the Boxwave, but it also loses some of its smooth glide over time. Another downside is that the AluPen lacks a clip, which makes it a little awkward when housed in a doctor’s white coat.


  • Bold Aluminum Hexagonal Design
  • Thickness and Weight Make It Easier to Write


  • Design Might Be Too Bold
  • No Pen Clip