iMedicalApps has launched mHealth (, a page dedicated to the use of mobile technologies for direct patient care. This is where you can read about great research being done on the use of mobile technologies for health & wellness, the latest in wireless health devices and about innovative digital health startups.

We will continue to write about mHealth practice and regulatory issues and cover important mHealth conferences, like our comprehensive coverage of the recent mHealth Summit in Washington DC. All  articles are written or edited by physicians.

We have some exciting features coming up, such as:

  • an exclusive iMedicalApps sneak peak next week at a new wireless device that will change the way endoscopy is done
  • fascinating first hand reports by investigators describing their mHealth research
  • reports by physicians using remote and telehealth successfully in the care of their patients
  • articles on the rapidly evolving legal issues around mobile health and social media

Drop us a line if you have developed a wireless health device and you want our readers to know about it or are starting a digital health company. We want to hear about it. We also love to hear from physicians using mobile and telehealth in caring for their patients and from researchers investigating mHealth technologies. This is a great place to share your stories.

After you’ve read the articles, Keep the conversation going on the iMedicalApps mHealth Forum. Tell us what you want to see covered or what to change. We welcome all voices – patients, physicians, investors and entrepreneurs.

Finally, we are looking for more great mHealth writers ! If you have a passion for mobile health and want to write for iMedicalApps, please contact us.

Thank you and enjoy.

Felasfa Wodajo, MD

mHealth Editor