3D4Medical are highly regarded in the medical app industry.

Their apps have gone from strength to strength winning awards and have been featured in many Apple commercials as a demonstration of the capability of the iPad as a platform.

iMedicalApps was able to exclusively catch up with John Moore, CEO of 3D4Medical and find out more about the NOVA series and their plans for the future.

¥ Please tell us a little bit about the background and initial founding of 3D4Medical

John Moore: 3D4Medical started out as a 3D Medical Image company. We spent years and a lot of money making 3D models and subsequently animations and images. These collections are still being used today and have made the front pages of some great publications such as Time and Newsweek and hundreds of advertising campaigns and textbooks. With the advent of the iPhone we saw the opportunity to use our 3D models in an educational capacity. At the beginning, we just really gave it a test to see how it would work out, and as the market grew, so did our commitment along with our knowledge of IOS programming. Today apps are the primary focus of the company.

¥ What is your vision for 3D4Medical as a company?

John Moore: We want to try and push the limits of learning using great technology; the iPad is a revolutionary device and we are excited about seeing what we can do to maximize its potential. The uptake of the iPad by medical professionals and students has been astounding, so our vision ties in with being at the forefront of new ways to think about learning and sharing information.

¥ We notice that 3D4Medical offers an educational discount for a number of your apps. Have any medical schools taken advantage of this and how have the apps been received?

John Moore: Yes, it has been very successful. We have major universities all over the world using our applications including Stanford University, of course, as an example. We get emails daily from students all over the world.

¥ Can you give approximate download numbers for your NOVA series of apps?

John Moore: 2.2 million including our iMuscle app. Until recently there have only been five Nova apps; The Skeleton System Pro, Muscle System Pro, Heart Pro, Brain Pro and iMuscle. These are all in the process of being upgraded to Nova III, which means they’ll have a massive amount of additional content such as animations, media for each pin, audio pronunciations, as well as hundreds of other features including public notes, which we hope will encourage a community of learning and information sharing between users.