For those seeking to improve their health and well-being, Cambria Health Solutions has made achieving wellness fun with

Hubbub Health is an innovative combination of social gaming, lifestyle challenges, and online community that encourages people to get moving and make healthier choices using some friendly competition.

Hubbub Health is free to join and available through their website and the iTunes app store. A mobile version of the website is also available for those who wish to access it on their Android, Windows, or other platform smartphones.

Hubbub members can create public or private challenges regarding important aspects of one’s lifestyle such as exercise and diet. Participants in each challenge can compete their way to the top of leaderboards, and upon completion of challenges, members earn badges for their profile. The Move category features exercise and fitness challenges, such as “Killing time with calf raises,” which requires that people do at least 200 calf raises in two weeks for official completion.

Diet changes can be initiated in the Nourish category, such as drinking more water, or abstaining from meat one day a week. Users can record and track their weight, mood, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol to monitor changes throughout their Hubbub journey.

But Hubbub Health isn’t just about motivation to get to the gym or cut carbs or junk food. It emphasizes healthy spiritual, social, and emotional changes as well.

The Balance, Mingle, and Rewind categories address activities including meditation, catching up with friends, and minimizing stress.


Hubbub Health reaches beyond the individual level to offer unique opportunities to employers. Employers can promote wellness among their employees by creating company challenges or purchasing additional features such as health coaches. Through third-party incentive programs, employers may track employees’ progress and reward deserving employees with prizes such as Amazon gift cards.

Western Governors University joined Hubbub Health in November 2011, and their employees have seen great results. Carrie Westover of Western Governors University says,

“Hubbub Health was an instant success among our employees. We plan to continue to use Hubbub as our primary employee wellness supporter. It’s easy, fun, and our employees are seeing positive changes in their health as a result of it!”

Hubbub players have reported success with weight loss, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and generally improving their quality of life. Hubbub Health harnesses the concept of gamification to promote positive personal changes, and seems to be a resounding hit for individuals and companies alike.


Hubbub Health