By Tim Bredrup

CareView Communications, Inc., an information technology provider to the healthcare industry, just recently announced the completion of SitterView, an innovative application that employs mobile technology to enable healthcare providers to better utilize patient sitters, improve patient safety, and reduce sitter costs.  SitterView allows a single sitter the ability to monitor multiple patients and utilize the safety features of CareView’s NurseView and Virtual Bed Rails applications.

The SitterView application of the CareView System focuses on utilizing sitters more effectively, allowing the CareView Virtual Bed Rails application to be monitored at the nursing station and on SitterView smart pads while simultaneously reducing overall sitter costs, helping the hospital create a safer environment and reducing patient falls.  The CareView philosophy is to offer services to hospitals and its patients that not only improve the quality and safety of care, but also reduces the cost of that care.

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