by: Surinder Yadav MD

Reading important research on the road seems to be more and more necessary as we become an increasingly task driven profession.

Nephrologists have a busy schedule in particular.

Between running dialysis, having end of life discussions, and doing new consults, when does one simply sit down and enjoy reading about the mechanisms that ameliorate renal fibrosis?

Fear not, the American Society of Nephrology has come up with with an app to compliment its Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

This app is useful for those inclined to have more of an academic edge regarding nephrology.


The JASN app is pretty similar to other apps of the same ilk, meaning those that are journal representations in an app form. The articles are fairly easy to read and well written. It certainly has a large repository of articles that can be accessed and provides several days of free reading access.


What really sets this app apart from the others are the accessories…i.e., the feeds and links to other resources. I thought that this was really useful and provides some insight into what popular articles are being read under the “most read” feed or what has been “most cited”.

Additionally, society news is also available for those of you who are society eager beavers. Another great feature was the link to share the article on whatever social media service you choose, including Facebook and Twitter. You can additionally add an article to your instapaper file to read it later at your leisure, a feature I was particularly fond of.



  • Free in iTunes


  • Great access on the go for academics or just know-it-alls
  • Sharing feature
  • Feeds


  • Sometimes the app takes awhile to load articles


  • Overall a nice app with good functionality for sharing the wealth of knowledge related to nephrology

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