Surgical careers often attract people who are driven, gain satisfaction from seeing their handy-work progress, enjoy challenges, and can act quickly on their feet.

In today’s day and age, careers in surgery are glorified and thus attract more intrigue by young and interested candidates.

SurgiCareer was created by William Dunne and was intended to help those interested in a career in surgery (ranging from high school students to young surgeons). The goal is to provide information for interested parties that is supposed to be widely practical and easily accessible. The app is accessible via the iPhone and iTouch.

Would the app be able to fulfill its lofty goals?

The home screen of the app reveals an Index with many categories to explore. There is information ranging from Why Surgery? to Surgical Specialities to Getting into Med School and Training. There is also a RSS feed updated with surgical news, which would be of more use to a medical student/surgical resident.


The CV Checklist section helps prospectives learn what factors are important and appropriate to include in pursuit of a surgical career. The limiting step of the resume builder (and the app as a whole) is that the app focuses on mainly applicants in the United Kingdom.


The video section of the app utilizes Youtube videos and attempts to provide insight into various surgical fields. The content and quality of the films is erratic (dependent on the uploader), but can be accessed and viewed directly in the app.

However, most of the videos are of actual operations, which does not carry much educational value for high school and college aged people. A few of the videos (Cardiothoracic Surgeon) do have perspective from someone in the field, which is much more valuable to the targeted demographic.


Unfortunately, the information in the app is quite basic (and doesn’t totally cover all the steps necessary for the careers, average length in training etc), and while this would be helpful to inform those with minimal knowledge (those in high school/college), the attempt to provide this broad range of information further inhibits the app’s utility to serve any one population well.

Furthermore, as has been noted before, the app targets applicants in the UK system, and while the qualities are not completely different, the focus of the specifics is towards UK applicants, a system with which I am unfortunately unclear about.

(For information regarding a career in surgery, the American College of Surgery has created “So you want to be a Surgeon” as a starting point. A similar site from the Royal College of Surgeons is present for UK students here.)


  • $1.99 from the AppStore


  • Unique idea
  • Good overall concept


  • Mainly deals with applicants in the UK
  • Information is unfortunately generic, basic and spread very thin
  • Video content quite variable


  • An app with a good central idea, but poor execution. The attempt to reach pre-medical candidates and medical candidates spreads the app too thin, and doesn’t fully serve any one demographic.

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