Last year, we reviewed Usatine Media/McGraw-Hill Medical’s Color Atlas of Family Medicine App and Color Atlas of Emergency Medicine App. We considered both apps expensive, yet well-crafted and valuable resources for family practitioners and emergency medicine physicians — and we applauding their high-quality clinical images and evidence-based management recommendations.

Today we take a look at another app from the Usatine Media/McGraw-Hill Medical Color Atlas series—the Color Atlas and Synopsis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD, the author of this atlas, is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington, as well as a senior public health researcher. We will discuss if the STD Atlas App measures up to the lofty standards of its predecessors in the Color Atlas series.

***Caution: Due to the sensitive nature of the material in the app, users must be 17 years of age to buy this app.


Similar to its antecedents in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine, the Color Atlas and Synopsis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases opens with the contents of the atlas, featuring tabs along the bottom for Contents, Search, Bookmarks, Notes, and About. The contents are divided into the following sections:

  • Overview of STDs
  • Bacterial STDs
  • Viral STDs
  • Cutaneous infestations
  • Clinical syndromes
  • Appendix (medical and sexual history, physical examination, laboratory evaluation)


To begin, the STD Atlas offers a strong overview of how to perform a history and physical exam (appendix) as well as how to approach patients with the conditions of interest (overview). These sections represent terrific introductory resources for medical students or interns as they learn about STDs.


This atlas also offers an outstanding and comprehensive chapter on the global epidemiology, prevention, and management of STDs.


Each chapter also includes “Suggested Readings,” a collection of relevant articles, book chapters, and consensus guidelines.


The “Jump” function allows for more rapid navigation between sections within a chapter. Meanwhile, the “Notes” function allows users to write and save notes for each chapter within the app, and then recall notes from the home screen. The app also contains a bookmark function for quick recall from the home screen.


Here, we preview the HIV chapter. As with the rest of the series, each chapter begins with thumbnails of all of the images associated with that chapter, followed by the chapter text. Clicking on a thumbnail displays the high-quality clinical image and its associated legend/caption.


Chapters also contain embedded links to tables adapted from authorities and consensus guidelines. The text, as we have come to expect from the Usatine Media/McGraw-Hill Medical Color Atlas series, is detailed yet articulate, comprehensive, and accompanied by references for further reading. Each chapter covers the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, physical exam, diagnosis, management, and prevention pertaining to the topic.


Also of note, chapters contain representative clinical cases to help guide users from presentation and diagnosis through management and follow-up.


The search function is robust, offering suggestions as users type in search terms.


One of our favorite aspects of the app is the search results—users can toggle between search results within the text and from the images, an appreciated improvement from prior versions of its predecessors. Moreover, as shown here, the text search results are sorted by relevance (based on the number of matches).


Additionally, whenever search results are clicked, the search term appears highlighted.


  • The STD Atlas App costs $74.99 at the iTunes store. Users must be 17 years of age to buy this app.


  • As expected, >200 outstanding, full-color clinical images throughout the app
  • Robust search function, including the ability to toggle between search results within text and within images
  • Excellent, comprehensive text for each chapter, especially the overview chapters
  • Clinical case studies for each chapter


  • The expensive price of the app most likely puts it out of reach for most students and physician residents — especially since this is such a focused subject.


  • The Color Atlas and Synopsis of STDs lives up to its predecessors in the Usatine Media/McGraw-Hill Medical Color Atlas series, offering high-quality clinical images and accompanying text
  • Appropriate for physicians and trainees who diagnose and manage STDs on a regular basis.

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