mHealth Research Daily, with Tim Bredrup

The need for continuous remote health monitoring is growing, especially amongst elderly patients that suffer from chronic diseases and heart conditions.

In efforts to address this need, Informaticists in Portugal have proposed a system that relies on remote sensor monitoring combined with mobile and wireless computing devices. In this case, they utilized an Android smart phone with Bluetooth capabilities to collect and analyze vital data in real-time, triggering appropriate reactions in case of eminent dangers.

This concept is promising in terms of helping physicians improve their time and task management. It allows them to remotely monitor, diagnose and treat a great number of patients effectively, while giving physicians the ability to shift their attention quickly from one case to another based on patient need and medical state.

For patients in need of constant health care, the authors propose this system gives more mobility to the user improving their overall quality of life. A future goal is to provide the mobile device with learning skills to achieve automatic and intelligent diagnoses based on the information gathered. Moreover, this project may indirectly relieve already congested medical institutions and services given it’s widely applicable nature.

Authors: Angelo Costa, Guilherme Barbosa, Tiago Melo, and Paulo Novais

Institution: CCTC, Department of Informatics, University of Minho  |  Braga, Portugal

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