The medical education learning environment is rapidly evolving with the development of mobile technology, high speed internet and the improved connectivity with learning institutions.

These developments have enabled huge growth in less traditional learning tools such as online textbooks, anatomy videos, video lectures and a whole host of other resources. Podmedics is a site designed by UK foundation doctor Ed Wallitt and contains a vast range of podcasts for medical students and junior doctors alike.

Podmedics is a website, which means that it is accessible from home computers, iOS devices, Android devices etc. In fact, PodMedics should be accessible from most modern devices with an internet connection.


Once you have registered on the site, it is possible to search all podcasts, view all lectures or navigate by specialty. There is an excellent range of specialties available ranging from Cardiology to Rheumatology and extra sections dedicated to Surgery, Clinical Specialties and Clinical Sciences.

In total there are over 150 different podcasts available.


There is also an excellent set of notes for Surgery and Clinical Pharmacology which are at ideal level for medical students on their rotations (please note that the guidelines contained are for the UK and may differ elsewhere).


The podcasts are an excellent learning resource and offer an alternative style to those who prefer audio-visual learning rather than pure text. Each podcast has an associated slideshow and is narrated clearly. Each podcast varies in length between 10mins and 50mins depending on the subject being covered.

The level of detail in each is appropriate for advanced medical students and junior doctors. Overall I found the podcasts engaging and informative and a great way to fill a few moments of spare time or learn more about a patient I had recently seen.


Each podcast has attractive animations which showcase the essential learning points for each topic. It is an annoyance, though, that there is no native app for Podmedics. While an internet connection is required in order to view the podcasts, it is also possible to download the audio or video from the website to your computer or mobile device for offline watching. This is a useful workaround but not ideal or straightforward for busy clinicians.


Podmedics is soon to be updated and will include a brand new interface, new notes system with pdf export, recommended order to watch podcasts in, and a podcast tracking system to track which podcasts each user has watched.


  • Registration on the Podmedics website is free and allows 7 days access
  • Upgrading to a full subscription costs £30 per year (Approx $50)


  • Wide selection of podcasts available
  • Playable on a range of devices


  • Podcasts require an active internet connection/not straightforward to watch offline
  • No native app

Overall Rating:

  • Podmedics is a superb resource for medical students and junior doctors alike
  • The wide selection of topics, appropriate level of content and variation in length means the podcasts can be used for a quick reminder or a more detailed discussion of a particular topic