One of the criticisms we often hear about mHealth in general is a general absence of data that validates the emerging devices and systems that are being pitched as transformative.

This, however, is soon to change. AliveCor, who’s ECG recorder is perhaps the most recognizable of the mobile health industry, is currently undertaking studies at Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center. West Wireless Health Institute is launching a year-long study in Mexico to test its Sense4Baby fetal monitoring system.

Two physicians in Australia are now aiming to create a home for this emerging body of literature with their launch of the Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine. Dr. Chandrashan Perera, a neurosurgery resident, and Dr. Rahul Chakrabarti, currently working on his PhD, are behind this effort, which began after noting the sparse, scattered nature of medical literature around mobile health.

Their hope is that by creating a dedicated forum for this kind of work, they can both help build this body of literature and make it easier to find. This e-journal is planned to be published every three months. They are currently accepting submissions for their first issue, with an inaugural contest that will award cash prizes to the best submissions in addition to publication. The deadline for submission is January 31st. For more information, check out their site.