by: Sumeet Banker, MD, MPH

Pediatrics is the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics presents intriguing original research, perspectives, reviews, and commentaries from the field.

The monthly peer-reviewed publication contains articles that have the power to change the practice of pediatrics, and there’s no better way to access the latest research at your fingertips than through this attractive app that fits the convenience of your mobile device.

I recently reviewed Pediatrics Digest , an app that similarly provides access to abstracts from the latest issue of Pediatrics.

However, after reviewing this app and comparing the two head-to-head, the attractiveness and intuitiveness of the graphics and layout make this app far superior to the former.


From the start, I was immediately struck by the visual appeal of this app. From colors and fonts to the layout, it reflects the familiar look and feel of the print version. Indeed, the majority of the images are screenshots, including the one-page abstract included at the start of every article in the journal.

However, for those not interested in zooming and panning, a text format is also available for all abstracts.

There are a few ways of getting to the abstracts. First, simply click on an issue from the home screen and choose from the article titles listed below. This takes you to the text version of the abstract, with easy one-click navigability to get to the article or return back to the table of contents for the issue.


Another way to retrieve abstracts is to click the “View” icon after selecting an issue to scroll through screenshots of the one-page abstracts. This method allows you to scroll through more than just titles – you can quickly scan the abstracts themselves.


The third way to find abstracts is by searching within an issue. Although, there is no way to search across multiple issues, search results cross-check titles, keywords, and abstract text for hits.


Other features include an option to bookmark articles in order to store them in an easy-access list for later reference. Additionally, a “News & Views” section includes pediatrics news and commentary from members of the Pediatrics editorial board. These entries from the Editor Blog often address the newest articles and controversies within the field and provide interesting insight.


To access the full-length articles in full-text or PDF format, an individual or institutional membership with the American Academy of Pediatrics is required.


  • Free


  • Ease of navigation through issues and abstracts
  • Visually appealing graphics and layout
  • Quick link to full-length articles
  • Free to view abstracts for all users


  • Low-resolution screenshots
  • Cannot search across multiple issues


  • Overall, this app presents the Digital Abstracts Edition of Pediatrics in a manner that is visually appealing and logically organized for easy browsing
  • Powered by Texterity, there is no better way to stay up-to-date on the cutting edge research and opinion as reported in the journal Pediatrics through your mobile device
  • If you’re deciding between this app and Pediatrics Digest, go with this one.

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