Happtique, an online mobile health application marketplace, has announced it will develop a certification program to vet mobile applications for doctors, nurses and patients.  The organization created the program based on feedback from providers and hospitals, Corey Ackerman, Happtique president, told eWEEK. Happtique will evaluate which applications are appropriate for clinical use and those that are outdated or poorly built.

The program will be funded by charges levied on app developers.  According to Happtique representatives, evaluation criteria will include functionality, usability and security.  Any application, whether it is in the Happtique mobile application store or not, is eligible to be reviewed by the organization.  Happtique also stated it plans to provide constructive feedback for application developers on how to make their applications better, rather than criticizing applications publicly. If an application fails, they can reapply, but their failure may or may not be made public based on the panel’s decision.

press release | www.happtique.com