Internal Medicine News, an independent bimonthly newspaper founded in 1968 that is also available online, has finally arrived to the iPhone and iPod Touch in app format.

Owned by Elsevier’s International Medical News Group division, the Internal Medicine News App seeks to bring this leading source of healthcare policy and research development news that affects patient care to mobile devices.

Led by an impressive editorial staff and an illustrious editorial advisory board, Internal Medicine News strives to provide coverage of medical insights and developments that is “fair, balanced, and accurate.”

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Read below to see how the Internal Medicine News App stacks up.

The Internal Medicine News App opens with a no-frills home screen, with options for News, Specialty Focus, Blogs, Videos, and Facebook along the bottom index bar.

The Top Stories section, constantly and automatically updated, reflects the top stories on the Internal Medicine News website, culled from all specialties. Each story features a concise overview of the particular development, well-written and inclusive of direct quotes, as expected from Internal Medicine News. Here is an example of a healthcare policy story from the Top Stories section.

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The Specialty Focus option presents news divided into subject areas, such as cardiology, dermatology, geriatrics, infectious diseases, etc. Here, for example, we look at the Gastroenterology section, which features developments in GERD, IBD, and Hepatitis, among others.

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This story from the Gastroenterology section summarizes the findings of a recent study published in Gut that explored how geography affects the incidence of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in women. These stories not only concisely highlight the findings of interest from the research studies, but also provide the study citation information for further reading.

Moreover, stories can be quickly shared via facebook or email.

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The Blogs section features some of Internal Medicine News’s most popular views and commentary. Here is one example, Going Viral: Notes on Residency, a blog written by an internal medicine resident at the Cleveland Clinic.

The Videos section features items from Internal Medicine News’ Youtube video library. These videos play inside the app via YouTube with the usual YouTube play controls, and can be viewed horizontally or vertically.

Finally, Internal Medicine News has hit social media, particularly via Facebook and Twitter.


  • The Internal Medicine News App is free at the iTunes store.


  • Simple, straightforward user interface
  • Backed by the prestige and expected top-flight quality reporting of Internal Medicine News
  • Free!


  • Each story can take several seconds to load, depending on the connection
  • The app does not yet have a “Most Popular” listing of stories like the IMN website
  • No iPad customized app yet!


  • The Internal Medicine News App from IMNG Medical Media is a free and outstanding, reputable resource for internal medicine news regarding research advances and healthcare policy that should be a must-have for internal medicine practitioners and trainees. Watch for the Internal Medicine News App to make our next edition of Top Apps for Internal Medicine Physicians.

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