Over the past couple of weeks, iMedicalApps has taken a close look at Inkling, a company that is trying to revolutionize learning through next generation medical textbooks.

Each article first, second, and third has focused on a different aspect of Inkling and it seems only fair that they should have the opportunity to further explain what they do.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to one of Inklings webinars for industry professionals during which they demonstrated their vision for the future of medical education. Inkling were kind enough to let us publish these webinars for those who may be interested. In this fourth and final article, iMedicalApps brings you Inklings future of medical education.

The webinar by Matt Macinnis, CEO and Founder of Inkling, shows his vision for the future of medical education through medical textbooks. The webinar agenda is shown below:

  • Introduction to Inkling
  • A Brief History of Textbooks
  • Demo of Inkling for Medical
  • Guest Speakers
  • Nadine Dexter, MLS
  • Warren Wiechmann, M.D., MBA
  • Conclusion

Inkling Medical Webinar from Inkling

The webinar is a really informative, inspiring vision for the future of medical education through mobile technology. I would advise all those involved in medical education to take some time out of their day to watch this. Please note it is 38 minutes long but well worth the time for the in-depth discussion of Inkling as a medical education resource.

Inkling Website