The start of January has some exciting new technologies on the horizon. Recently, Wahoo Fitness announced their new product, BlueHR — a fitness heart rate monitor — can sync to your iPhone 4s via bluetooth and without the need for addition adaptors.

All users have to do with the BlueHR device  is to strap it around their sternum, and they will be able to monitor stats such as their heart rate and the number of calories they are burning via their smartphone. It currently uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and as such, the only smartphone that currently has that capability is the iPhone 4S.

We wrote an in-depth article about Bluetooth 4.0 when the iPhone 4s was released, commenting on how it could be a boom for mobile health devices due to the following features of the protocol:

  • Ultra-low peak, average and idle mode power consumption
  • Ability to run for years on standard coin-cell batteries
  • Low cost
  • Multi-vendor interoperability
  • Enhanced range

In fact, in a recent interview with Qualcomm Life VP Rick Valencia, unconnected medical devices will soon be a thing of the past as more and more monitoring technologies are incorporated into mobile devices.  Even the second class of resident startups announced by Rock Health all have a mobile component that can be accessed via a smartphone.  We expect this trend to continue in the future.

The company has announced, though, that as more smartphones incorporate Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the number of health and exercise applications supported by the BlueHR in 2012 will increase.

Wahoo Fitness is a company that develops mobile fitness products, and one of their mottos is: “Connecting iPhones to Fitness”. They have a host of devices and sensors that track everything from your heart rate to your speed and cadence.

The video below demonstrates how the device seamlessly works.

The price is tentatively set at $79.99: WahooFitness

Source: mHealthWatch

Cory Shultz contributed to this piece