There has been a recent growth in the range of medical and surgical treatments available in cosmetic dermatology.

The second edition of Color Atlas of Cosmetic Dermatology was originally written to provide a succinct yet broad overview of cosmetic therapy using a range of illustrations and photographs – an area where devices like the iPhone and iPad really shine.

Targeted at a niche group of healthcare providers, this app certainly gets the job done. Valuable information covering consultation, management, treatment and side effects of cosmetic procedures has not been lost in this transfer from physical book to electronic app.



From the contents page of this universal app, it is possible to access information related to 64 specific conditions/diseases which come under various headings including disorders of various glands, hair follicles, pigmentation, photoaging, vascular alterations and benign/malignant growths. This comprehensive reference is well designed ensuring relevant information can be found quickly and efficiently.


Each particular condition is consistently presented in the same fashion and includes important information such as pathogenesis, pathology, examination, key consultative questions, management and treatment options amongst many other sections. Each section is well presented and accompanied by a wide range of pictures including many illustrating before and after treatment.


Key details on the set-up of each procedure, and a review of the necessary equipment are also provided.


The developers have made an excellent effort to improve the readers experience and this is reflected in an excellent user interface. There are many useful features including a detailed search function, bookmark ability, note-taking and the built in ability to ‘jump’ to a particular section. This ensures that the key information is never more than a couple of taps away-a key point for any detailed reference texts such as the Color Atlas of Cosmetic Dermatology.


The color photographs have also been ‘tagged’ so they also show up in search results which is useful as dermatology is so reliant on visual inspection and examination. Color Atlas of Cosmetic Dermatology contains over 450 high resolution color photographs which can be manipulated using standard touch gestures.


One particular strength of this app is the inclusion of detailed bibliographies at the end of each section. These correspond to the end of chapters in the physical text and it is nice to see the inclusion of these in the app. This allows the end user to review the evidence for themselves and assess the risks and benefits of various treatments.



  • $139.99


  • Lots of detailed color photos
  • Excellent user interface for a textbook
  • Evidence based references
  • No internet access required
  • Universal app

Dislikes/Future Updates I’d Like To See:

  • It would be fantastic if the detailed references at the end of each section were linked to PubMed or Google so it would be easier to access the original papers.

Overall Rating:

  • Color Atlas of Cosmetic Dermatology is an excellent reference resource for dermatologists who are looking for a complete yet concise guide to a wide range of cosmetic disorders
  • The user interface is focused and presents information covering diagnosis, treatment, and procedures in an easily accessible format
  • Whilst expensive, the price is comparable to the physical version.

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