by Dr. Ravi Nerella, MBBS, MD

AirStrip OB provides obstetricians a mobile platform to view fetal monitoring in real time and gives them the ability to make critical decisions regarding the plan of care in potential high risk obstetric patients.

The user is presented with a secure login screen on launching the app (the login is configurable). Once logged in, the user is presented with a list of patients organized by unit.

The patient list gives the user relevant information, like whether the membranes are intact or ruptured, the gravida and para of the patient or whether the patient had an epidural placed.

Additionally, Airstrip OB gives information concerning the room number, attending physician and nurse caring for the patient in a concise and easy format.

04Patient list_alt

On the left of this screenshot, beside each patient’s name, is a color coded dot.

  • A white or clear dot indicates the patient has delivered (it could also indicate that this information has not been documented) which allows physicians to quickly prioritize patient’s to be evaluated.
  • Grey indicates patient is 1-4 cm dilated
  • Yellow indicates the patient is 5-7 cm dilated
  • Red indicates patient is 8-10 cm dilated

On the far right is a waveform icon that takes the user directly to the fetal strip tracing in real time.

Subsequently when the patient’s “chart” is opened, the user can review the patient’s recent exam documented by the nurse, vitals, notes, Pitocin rate and other relevant information.


The fetal tracings can be viewed either in portrait or landscape mode. In portrait mode, the user is presented with controls to scroll through the beginning of the tracing, or “fast forward” or “fast backward” through the tracing.

The user can also swipe through the tracing to navigate to a specific time period on the tracing. In landscape mode, only the patient’s name, location and fetal tracing is presented giving the user a less distracting view.

When navigating through the tracing, the user is able to see a time stamp of the tracing and is able to determine when changes in the tracing occurred in context to the timeline.

12Fetal tracing1_alt13Fetal tracing2_alt
14Fetal tracing3_alt

Navigation through the app can only be done in portrait mode with a simple back button that takes the user to previous screens.

The app has a simple user interface and is very responsive and easy to use. The app has a polished feel and the user has a great experience using the app. The app is well laid out and well designed.


  • Free to download (requires Airstrip OB system in hospital)


  • Secure login
  • Quick access to fetal tracing
  • Ability to scroll through tracing with time stamp
  • Relevant information presented in easy to read format
  • Color coding to quickly determine patient’s cervical dilation


  • No legend for users to understand color coding within the app
  • No iPad app (still in development)


  • AirStrip OB is an excellent tool that gives obstetricians the ability to proactively monitor potential high risk pregnancies and be able to make quicker decisions regarding care and prevent adverse outcomes to mother and baby.
  • It also provides the opportunity for the refinement of tele-obstetrics.

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