Recently, Nuance Healthcare announced the 2012 Mobile Clinician Voice Challenge which encourages healthcare software developers to integrate speech recognition into mobile or Web-based health care applications.

Nuance is a company that creates speech recognition and processing software. Their most widely recognized product includes the Dragon dictation line of speech recognition software, the family of Dragon Medical products which enables dictation and real-time transcription of medical documents. We also recently talked about how their language processing software is being paired with IBM’s Watson to revolutionize decision support.

Basically, the idea of the contest is to promote the speech-enabling of web-based and mobile medical apps using the HIPAA-secure, cloud-based, Nuance Healthcare Development Platform. Developers will use the Nuance Healthcare Development Platform to integrate Nuance SpeechAnywhere into mobile health care applications. SpeechAnywhere is a cloud-based service that embeds and voice-enables devices using client-side software components  as well as mobile devices, thin clients, browsers and desktops.

The deadline for app submissions is on February 3rd.

Joe Petro, executive vice president of research and development for Nuance Healthcare, explains.

“We’re basically sending out an open query to the development community to develop state-of-the-art voice-enabled iPhone and iPad applications. It’s a competition of sorts so we can basically get the word out and solicit a community around the development of mobile speech and clinical understanding technologies.”

According to the article, an example of what Nuance is looking for can be seen with Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD mobile application, which was demonstrated for us at the mHealth Summit. This app allows radiologists to view images on mobile devices, with the SpeechAnywhere integration allowing real-time dictation of notes. “They used our cloud-based SDKs to provide a ubiquitous voice-enabled user experience across their supported devices and platforms,” said Petro.

A total of $25,000 in prizes will be given away. First and second place receive recognition at the 2012 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference. They also receive a 12 month developer license worth $5000 each and additional promotional perks. The Grand Prize winner will be flown out to HIMSS in Las Vegas, receive a 12 month developer license worth $10,000 as well as various promotional and advertising benefits.

Nuance and its partners will judge the challenge based on four criteria: innovation, benefits to the physician workflow and patient care, functional implementation and visual appeal. To find out more about the contest or register for the contest, please visit the contest webpage.

Source: eWeek