UpToDate today announced the release of UpToDate MobileComplete, a new version of its recently released app that brings its 9,000 topic articles and 23,000 graphics to the iPhone.

This familiar resource mades its debut in the mobile world this summer and has already been downloaded by over 42,000 clinicians.

When we reviewed UpToDate Mobile in August, Dr. Amit Patel’s conclusion was pretty simple,

“You can bet that this UpToDate App will make the next edition of our Top 10 Apps for Internal Medicine Physicians”

One of our complaints though with the app was occasionally slow load times for some topics, a consequence of having to pull the content over a WiFi or 3G connection. MobileComplete addresses that complaint, but at a cost. While its not clear how much memory the app will use, the desktop software uses 2GB and we can certainly expect a similarly hefty demand by MobileComplete (Update: The local app, MobileComplete, will require 300MB of memory for text content and 1GB for text and images. Thanks to Vicki Brown for that info).

Now, however, physicians and other healthcare providers who use UpToDate will have a choice – and given the number of users, the way they choose between the two may give us some interesting insight into the relative demand for cloud-based apps vs. local apps.

Many of our favorite apps have had to decide between the two approaches, with CORE going to route of cloud storage of some of its more data-intense content, whereas Modality chose to go with local storage for its Procedures Consult apps. The former approach relies on pretty consistent 3G/4G access or WiFi access. It will be interesting to see the extent to which MobileComplete is adopted – given the sheer number of healthcare providers using UpToDate, it may give us some insight into how connected healthcare providers really are.

The app itself will cost a subscriber an additional $49, a cost I suspect that users in areas of poor 3G connectivity or limited WiFi access will find well worth it. Institutional subscribers still have to wait however, as a mobile app for us is not yet available – a consequence of the customization institutional subscribers often require, according to Vicki Brown (VP, Marketing, UpToDate).

Nonetheless, the continued move to mobile by UpToDate is certainly one that will be welcomed by countless physicians, residents, interns, medical students, nurses, pharmacists, and pretty much every other healthcare provider out there.

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