Sepsis is the bread and butter of any critical care physician, hospitalist, and emergency room physician. In sepsis management, early diagnosis and aggressive intervention are critical. Guidelines like the Rivers protocol highlight the use of fluid rehydration, early antibiotics, and above all else recognition of sepsis at the earliest possible point.

Dissemination of this these guidelines and recommendations is important. To this end, the developers at Escavo partnered with Dr. Daniel Nichita to create this app on the iOS platform. The authors created it for healthcare professionals who treat critically ill patients, with the aim of bringing evidence-based practice information to the bedside. Here we review the app using the iPhone.

The home screen is well designed and flows in a logical sequence. The categories include: Overview, Diagnosis, Management, Pediatric Sepsis, Drugs, Calculators, Resources and References. The bottom tab ranges from the Home screen, Bookmarks, Search, and More (About sections, etc.).


Upon opening a section, there are multiple subtopics, and there is also the ability to tab through the category. The content is presented in a bulleted-format. An interesting inclusion throughout the app is the tabbed “R, F, and Rx” for references, footnotes, and related medications respectively.


The drug section of the app contains commonly used medications in critical care medicine including antibiotics, pressors, steroids, and diuretics. The medications are listed by trade and generic names, and the dosages are presented in both adult and pediatric regimens.


The pediatric section gives a brief overview of issues specific to pediatric and neonatal intensive care, such as sepsis algorithms, antibiotics/dosages, and pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. It is a quick review of some pediatric topics, but it does lack depth.


The app helps to quickly review the guidelines, and with updated evidence-based literature and references. It is well designed and brings all the information to the central easy to use portal.



  • $3.99 from the App Store


  • Comprehensive
  • Well-designed and easy to use interface
  • Updated, evidence-based with references


Inclusion of minor issues would make it a complete app, such as:

  • Imaging used in sepsis etc.
  • Intensive care calculators
  • Pediatric Rochester Criteria


  • Although it is a relatively new app, the reviews (mainly by physicians) show that this app is a welcome addition to other options.
  • To this end, we at iMedicalApps agree that this app would best be utilized by healthcare professionals (ranging from medical students to ICU physicians) as a review of sepsis and updated management.

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