The mHealth Summit 2011 is in full swing and there are many exciting booths and demonstrations available to see. We recently reported that ResolutionMD has received FDA clearance for its mobile radiology viewing system. The platform is available as a free downloadable demo “lite” version via iTunes.

Calgary Scientific, makers of ResolutionMD, are here at the mHealth Summit and were kind enough to give the imedicalapps team a live demonstration of the app, including some of its marqee features.

The video below demonstrates what the technology can do and is a live demonstration of ResolutionMD.

 Key points about their imaging solution include:

  • The imaging data is NOT copied, it is left on the source PACS (i.e. hospital or imaging center)
  • A temporary copy of the data is created on a dedicated server
  • The server is usually housed by the specific entity that owns the PACS
  • Calgary Scientific does not sell its product directly, ResolutionMD is resold by large PACS vendors such as GE and Fujitsu
  • All image processing–including 2d and 3d reconstructions–are performed on the server side, saving system resources
  • A session can be opened with an iPad or various Android tablets, allowing the rendered images to be displayed
  • Images can also be viewed on a web browser, which currently has more capabilities and functionality than the mobile app counterparts
  • For security purposes, no data is stored on the mobile device. Instead, when the session is closed nothing is retained
  • Since the images are rendered remotely, two devices can view the same images simultaneously as well as share controls

This last feature is especially exciting since a radiologist can be viewing an image on his/her iPad, send an email invite to a physician inviting him to open a simultaneous session and actually go through the slices and point at the findings of interest.

At this time, it is not clear if this platform will be extended to small imaging centers and physician practices with digital radiology capabilities.