First off, we’d love to thank all our readers for your continued support for iMedicalApps. It’s through your continued support and readership that iMedicalApps has become the authoritative source for mobile medical technology by medical professionals.

We were recently in the New York Times and Wired –they wrote great pieces about mobile medical technology that are must reads.

And today we are proud to announce the launch of the iMedicalApps Forum.

In the forum, we have multiple areas where we hope the medical community, from physicians to nurses to students can have a place to discuss mobile apps and technology.

We have sections for specialties as well. For example, if you’re a pediatrician, and you are looking for a particular app or have a question about pediatric apps you can start a discussion in the pediatric section of the forum.

The editors and writers on iMedicalApps will be answering questions about mobile technology in the forum as well, and we hope that lively discussions will occur.

To celebrate the launch, we’ll be giving away thousands of dollars worth of apps in the forum section for our readers to enjoy.

Again, thanks for the continued support.

Link to forum: